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The Shadow HotelThe Pantall Hotel

Progress of the Reconstruction Efforts
November 2023

As you may have noticed, the Shadow Hotel signs have been installed and will be lit for the holidays. Major HVAC equipment has been installed. Work is ongoing for installation of electrical, plumbing, communication and sprinkler systems. A new elevator was added to enhance vertical mobility, and all areas will be handicap accessible. Contracts are in place for the new kitchen design for the main floor and banquet/event center in the rooftop space. Interior designers are involved and the ideas are flowing.

So many people have asked about the beautiful old bar. We will have experienced refinishers work on it, as well as other areas in the building. We hope to be able to restore some areas of the old mosaic tiles.

The second and third floors are currently being prepared to finish for 21 hotel rooms on each floor. The fourth floor, the rooftop, will be completely remodeled. We intend it to function as a banquet and event center where we hope to host your important family events as well as community functions.

The new restaurant will be located at the front of the hotel facing Mahoning and Jefferson streets. The lounge area has been expanded to twice the original size and will include dining tables.

Plans for the three rental areas on the first floor are still in flux as we work for a unified theme for all spaces in the building. We hope to have these rental spaces available for rent as early as next spring.

We are targeting Jan 2025 to open. There are many variables that can change this date, so we’ll be sure to provide updates as available!
It’s been a while since we posted an update on re-construction and modernization of the hotel. Our efforts continue daily and are progressing.




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